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110917 Korea in Motion Festival "Sorry Sorry"     by 
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寅級税 笛 誓据社軒人 敗臆 挫揮 sorrysorry 巷企!!
坐亀坐亀 鈷赤澗 巷企 旭焼推 せせせせせせせせせ

朝五虞 巷惟研 獄銅走 公背辞 繕榎 鎧形辞 神匙亜 啄備奄亀 梅澗汽
益掘亀 兜帖走 省壱 啄生形壱 葛径梅生艦 戚背馬姥 坐爽室遂


Ellie 2011/10/02   

360p 源壱 720p稽 左艦 舛源 畳短貝 HD鉢霜戚革推! 設 左壱 逢艦陥!^^

enjoy 2011/10/02   

real like sorry sorry this song!!!
thanks for your video
it's so good ^^

waidong 2011/10/02   

Thank you very for sharing :)
Donghae very so cute >//<

MIKO 2011/10/03   

SORRY SORRY is so so so GOOD!!!
oppa is so handsome~~
Thanks for share

軒杖DH 2011/10/12   

戚訓 鉢霜聖 井蝿馬陥艦推.. 煽 戚薦猿走 古析 360生稽 坐尽揮.ばばばばばせせせせ

jihae 2012/07/29   

oh I like oppa's hair very much!
thanks for sharing~~~

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