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2011 08 13 昔探廃嫌嬬辞闘 SorrySorry     by 
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廃嫌嬬辞闘拭辞 神沓幻拭 挫揮 庶軒庶軒 巷企森推!
庶軒庶軒 巷企澗 蝕獣 疏精暗 旭陥悟ばばばばばばばば
神匙税 照巷亜 訊戚軒 鈷赤惟 汗恩走澗闇走........


NanNy-走授゙ 2011/08/15   

Really love your fancam :)
Thx for sharing ,,,
BUT i hv something to tell u
You should write "Please do not edit or re-upload."
At the first line of Youtube Description
B' coz many people don't click to SHOW MORE
they didn't know your fancam not allowed to REUP :')

waidong 2011/08/15   

Thank you very very for sharing :)
Donghae oppa very so cute >//<

帰煩稽亜推 2011/08/15   

蝕獣 神匙 鈷赤革推 ばばばばば 鈷赤澗 神匙 設 左壱 逢艦陥^^

採塊郡陥煩 2011/08/15   

遭促 校背亀 鈷赤革推 神匙澗ばば

Ruby 2011/08/15   

庶軒庶軒 亀 鈷赤嬢推

gigie 2011/08/15   

I really love your fancam.
Thank you so much for sharing!

janice 2011/08/16   

Your fancam is so clear and nice:)
Thanks for sharing:)!!!!

chunsasannie 2011/08/16   

thanks for sharing~
i never get tired of sorry sorry =)

meld 2011/08/17   

thank you so much for the cam~
donghae looked great as always :D

shi 2011/08/18   

thanks for sharing!!!
Oppa is so handsome!!!

肇杯酔政 2011/08/21   

ばばばば 遭宿 設持遺製 ばばばばば

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