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2011 07 09 "昔探勺亀珍坤獣焼 The K Show" Super girl     by 
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神沓幻拭 廃厩 巷企拭辞 沙 疑背神匙税 乞柔戚森推~
牌雌 巷企拭 増掻馬壱 赤澗 神匙研 坐辞 杖原蟹 鋼逢揮走ばばばばばば
益軒頗揮 巷企是拭辞税 疑背神匙 神沓幻拭 坐辞 益訓走 希希 鈷赤澗暗 旭壱 匙閃級醸揮
輯遁杏 巷企! 託.亀.害 旭精 疑背神匙 敗臆 坐食⊇

NanNy 2011/07/10   

With donghae !!~
AWESOME >________<"
Thx for sharing ,,,
I Love You 55555555555555

疑鉢旭精試 2011/07/10   

舛源 是球 疑背革推.ばばば 勅!!! 鉢霜 疏壱.ばば

今軒 2011/07/10   

嬢袴 獣据浦戚 照尽蟹 左革推 ....湛 獣拙戚 疑背虞艦...ぞぞ 疑背寅生稽純 疏走幻 杭亜 切奄督闘亜 焼艦虞澗惟 汗恩閃辞 情降空什 馬革推 ぞぞぞぞ 益掘亀 託 亀 害 疑背莞馬 >さ<ぞぞぞぞ

郊諌虞 2011/07/11   

thank u so much for this great fancam~
super handsome guy in the world~~ hahah

Haebelle 2011/07/11   

Wowwww Donghae handsome guy
i love this hair style ><~
Thank you

chunsasannie 2011/07/15   

donghae singing siwon's part~~ he looks great and i miss him~ thanks for sharing.

mystery 2011/07/15   

donghaeoppa's new hair style is so cool~~~~~
thx for sharingせせせせ

enjoy 2011/07/16   

thanks fir your video ^^
i miss them so much

Princess 2011/07/16   

Donghae looks really handsome in his new look :) and he looks great on shades
thanks for sharing this awesome vidせせ

Monghae 2011/07/17   

Cool man!!
Donghae so smart in new look
Ahhhhhh!! Wanna go to Korea ><
Thank you for shared ^^

jihae 2012/07/29   

oh my superman!~
you are the only one>3<

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