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2011 05 07 "Super Show3" 今闘害 耕昔焼     by 
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神沓幻拭 左澗 耕昔焼!!!!^^
輯遁爽艦嬢稽辞税 亜舌 笛 舌繊昔 浦巷亜 溌叔備 置壱虞壱 汗恩走惟 幻級嬢爽澗 葛掘 掻拭 馬蟹倉?^^
焼 舛源 蝕獣 置壱革推!! 俗~~^^
荘位惟 姶雌馬室推~!

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Ellie 2011/05/12   

人ばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばば 神匙 置壱ばばばばばばばば 遭促 鈷赤嬢推ばばばばばばばばば 疏精 慎雌 蟹寛坐爽偲辞 姶紫背推 比比比

今軒 2011/05/13   

亜辞 壱持 遭促 弦戚 馬壱神写陥檎辞推?! 棄壱 搾神壱....せせせ 益 人掻拭亀 神匙 眼焼神獣澗汽 呪壱弦戚馬写嬢推 ぞぞぞ 幾歳拭 神沓幻拭 耕昔焼 左檎辞 斐控馬惟 数壱亜革推^ぱ^

stella 2011/05/14   

He looks so happy & hyper!! Smiling non stop :)

Monghae 2011/05/15   

oh oh! hahah so cute!!! Lovely boy Happy when see your smile >////< Thank you for shared

食重還 2011/05/17   

人 鈷赤嬢推 ばばばばば ばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばば 置壱

郊諌虞 2011/05/20   

Really love a man in black~ kkk sooo smart~ Thank u for a great video^^

chunsasannie 2011/07/15   

i love watching donghae dance and most of all his smiling in the fancam hehe so odd to see hae in lighter colour hair~~ thanks for filming and sharing~

jihae 2012/07/29   

yo~perfect man!!!
I like 耕昔焼 because it's really a hot song~
thanks for sharing~

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