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subject 2011 03 19 Super Show3 ' 源傾戚獣焼 '[2託因鯵]

源傾戚獣焼拭辞 伸携揮 輯遁珠3 紫遭 2添脊艦陥~~!!!!!
(紫遭精 適遣馬檎 滴惟左叔呪赤柔艦陥)

避事 税雌聖 脊壱 伸宿備 茶聖 蓄壱 赤澗 神匙~!^^
巷企 是拭辞税 神匙澗 政貝備 潅 鋼側鋼側 笹戚 蟹澗 依 旭焼推~

郊左旭戚 数澗神匙!!!せ 戚惟 遭促 古径昔神匙!!!ぞ

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Kristabelle Samson 11-04-29  
Thank you for uploading such beautiful pics. I badly needed this update since lately there is no pictures updates about him!
Really thanks! ☺
enjoy 11-05-08  
Donghae oppa's smile is so warm. i really like his smile.
thanks for your sharing^^
MmHae 11-05-18  
i love ur photo
so beautiful
his smile make me happy
Phoebe 11-05-29  
Oppa you look cute with that hat and that rose clothes <3
aigoo I can't wait for your comeback :D
yolaine 11-05-31  
oppa is so cute and so handsome^^

His smile is so warmly><
Lee 11-05-31  
what a lovely guys ^0^
I'm missing you everyday><
thanks for sharing these beautiful pics^^
janice 11-06-01  
oppa you are soo cute and handsome><
did you rest much?please do if you don't!!!
thanks for sharing,I love these great photos:)!
maomaoayi 11-06-06  
He's really so cute lovely boy...
All the photos are HD...
I think I become to like him again...
Haebelle 11-07-11  
I want to see this hair color. But there is no chance to see it. TT.
食楳 11-07-18  
神匙 背玄惟 数澗 乞柔 左艦猿 薦 奄歳猿走 陥 疏焼走革推 せせせせ 砧腰属紫遭せせせせせせ煽 乞切 遭促 設嬢随形推.嬢太 戚係惟 昔莫 旭戚 持奄写聖猿ばば
azraely19 11-07-20  
donghae is so handsome
thank for sharing
Lapis Lazuli 11-07-29  
紫遭戚 薦亜 瑳 凶澗 植酵戚拭推..ば.ぬ 弘経 適遣馬檎 左食推..
紫遭紗税 随 疑背松 乞柔 凧 陥丞馬革推..設 挫柔艦陥..^^

錠? 悦汽 奇越 床壱 蟹艦 左戚革推?^^;;;;;;
ftaec 11-08-27  
蝕獣 神匙澗 鈷走革推^^格巷 焼硯陥錘 鉢檎戚森推ばば

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